Emerge into discomfort

When I lead classes, I often talk about looking for the ease and flow, finding comfort and joy in our bodies.  Also, in my clinical practice, these are guiding principles.  And yet, this week, I heard myself urging clients and students to lean into the foreign, unknown, and unfamiliar parts.  These are the parts that may not have had the right conditions to emerge.  We do, act, and move in ways that work for us.  So those parts get well honed like a well oiled machine. If how we survived was to always hide, then “showing ourselves” will feel really foreign and unfamiliar.  And yet, it may now be safe for this part to come out and may indeed allow us to add more of ourselves to our relationships, work, and life!

In class this morning, we connected to those awkward parts.  We experimented moving in ways that were foreign, silly, and new.  Dancing is often a laboratory to explore in a playful, non-threatening, and light way.  You see, sometimes the things that are familiar are not the things we need.

If someone is used to not speaking up, there will be much discomfort when this person needs to speak up but is unable to.  This might result in feelings of powerlessness and frustration.  A student of mine shared recently that a movement in class helped her access her power in a new way and that just by visualizing this “power move”, she was able to access her power in a moment when she wanted to speak up but couldn’t at first.

When we dance, we literally grow ourselves.  We gain access to dormant, awkward, and foreign parts.  What emerges is a bigger, more powerful self that has a variety of ways and strategies to move through life!


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